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RPA And AI Robotics: Redefining Business as Usual

RPA and Robotics: Redefining Business as Usual The last several years have brought with them rampant technological advancement and evolution. Some of the biggest strides experienced in the technology sector? Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence...

Benefits of Customized Leasing Solutions

Customized Leasing Solutions to Suit Your Capital Equipment NeedsBusiness owners running organizations of every size and in every industry recognize that investing in their operations is essential to steal market share and boost bottom line profits. For many...

$1,118,300 Lease for Card Solutions Company

Card Solutions Leasing: AvTech Capital is pleased to announce a $1,118,300 leasing transaction for a card solutions manufacturing company. This lease was for a reimbursement of expenses incurred by the business in buying additional expansion equipment which will...

$3,000,000 Dairy Farm Financing Transaction

Dairy Farm Financing: AvTech Capital is pleased to announce a $3,000,000 dairy farm financing transaction for a large farm in the greater Washington D.C. area. This lease was used for roofing and production upgrades of the farm. This was AvTech Capital's first...

Redefining How Businesses Access Capital

Redefining How Businesses Access Capital Fast Successfully growing your enterprise means securing the capital you need to power your initiatives and keep your business moving forward. Unfortunately, many businesses quickly realize that applying for funding through a...

Benefits of Heavy Equipment Leasing

Benefits of Leasing Equipment What Heavy Equipment Leasing Can Do for Your Business In order to operate at full capacity, most businesses need updated heavy equipment, software, transportation, and/or machinery. The average cost of these upgrades range from $100K -...

Medical Equipment Leasing Through AvTech Capital

If you’re looking for a medical equipment leasing, you’re probably already aware of the high cost of healthcare technology and the difficulty of obtaining funding to acquire such devices. At AvTech Capital, we work with a wide range of clients, from technology...

AvTech Capital Closes Mining Deal for $306,897

AvTech Capital is pleased to announce a $306,897 deal for a mining company based in Oklahoma. The monies procured through this transaction were used to purchase equipment that will allow the company to support the growth they’ve experienced. AvTech Capital's team...

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