Commercial Equipment Lease for Rental Store

AvTech Capital is please to announce a $236,000 commercial equipment lease for a new rental store. The equipment for this lease was furniture, fixtures, and equipment needed for the completion of a new store. The financing of these build out costs were essential to the completion of their new store. AvTech Capital’s funding of the commercial equipment lease and construction loan financing for the new equipment is helping the customer update their equipment technology and expand their current operations.

The store is now able to operate at full capacity since receiving the commercial equipment lease from AvTech Capital. Streamlined processes for commercial equipment lease transactions among many other lease transactions have made AvTech Capital a leader in the leasing industry. The rental store is just another satisfied customer of AvTech Capital who knows that they have a partner in finance that has their best interest in mind and a business they can turn to for all of their commercial equipment lease needs in the future.

Your Commercial Equipment Lease Financing Experts

AvTech Capital’s team of financial experts work vigorously through all of our commercial equipment lease transactions, tailoring every one to each client’s unique and particular needs. As a result, our customers are able to operate their businesses with optimal operating capital while also providing them with top of the line equipment and software. Talk to any of our financial experts today and start optimizing your business.

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