Farm Irrigation Equipment Leasing

AvTech Capital is pleased to announce a $652,000 farm irrigation equipment lease, added to the family of leases funded for a farm in Michigan.  The equipment for this lease was used for new irrigation pivot equipment which is essential for maximum production of their crops. AvTech Capital’s skilled team of account managers assisted them through the funding process, which allowed them to continue growing a better agricultural business.

AvTech Capital is a leader in farm irrigation equipment leasing as well as many other industrial equipment leasing transactions. Furthermore, AvTech will treat every transaction with a care and professionalism unparalleled in the industry. Farm irrigation equipment can be quite costly, so, leasing equipment through AvTech Capital is certainly a smart choice that allows agricultural businesses to have the operating capital that they need to continue growing their business while growing their crops.

Your Agricultural Equipment Leasing Experts

AvTech Capital’s team of financial experts work tirelessly through, not just farm irrigation equipment leasing, but, all of our equipment financing transactions are tailored to every client’s unique and particular needs. As a result, our customers are able to operate their businesses with optimal operating capital while also providing them with top of the line equipment. Talk to any of our financial experts today and start optimizing your business.

AvTech Capital is a proud member of AvTech Financial Group, an association of companies that provides a range of financing and servicing solutions to clients throughout the United States. if you are interested in talking to any of our experts about your farm irrigation equipment leasing options, call us at (801)748-2200 or leave us a message.