Creative Leasing Solutions to Support Your Business Needs

Capital equipment leasing has evolved significantly over the last several decades. Initially, businesses often leveraged leasing solutions as a means to procure office furnishings. However, the rampant growth and transformation seen throughout U.S. corporate environments in virtually every industry have permanently changed the way innovative equipment leasing companies support their clients. It’s no longer enough to only offer leasing strategies for office furnishings – today’s entrepreneurs need access to a diverse range of equipment, machinery, computers, and even software programs to keep their enterprises moving forward at maximum capacity.

AvTech Capital Leasing Specialists Develop Customized Solutions On A Wide Range of Products 

To help our partners maintain their competitive edge within their respective markets, AvTech Capital offers creative equipment financing on, well, virtually anything our clients need to operate at the top of their game, while still maintaining a steady focus on safeguarding bottom line profits. Our financing specialists develop customized solutions that consider mission-critical components, such as monthly payment amounts, upgrade options, buyouts, and a multitude of other factors to deliver a final leasing solution that promotes both productivity and profitability.  

Who Can Benefit From A Creative Leasing Strategy? 

Many organizations find that their business operations well suited for a flexible AvTech Capital leasing strategy for a myriad of reasons. A creative leasing strategy can prove a viable option for rapidly expanding companies that need to access needed machinery and technology fast. Our expedited approval process ensures our clients have the resources required to stay ahead of any internal corporate growing pains. Additionally, AvTech Capital’s flexible leasing approach also helps companies with less than perfect credit maintain their marketplace presence and go head-to-head with the competition, even if they can’t gain necessary financing from banks and other traditional lenders. 

Most importantly, AvTech Capital can align our leasing resources with partners operating in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, industrial, transportation, healthcare, and technology. Some of our most recent creative leasing solutions include:

Optical Component Manufacturing Equipment Lease

AvTech Capital helped an optical component manufacturing equipment with a $2.7 million leasing transaction. The company, which specializes in prototypes, custom optic manufacturing, imaging, and laser systems, used the lease to pay off existing contracts with a related company, allowing AvTech Capital to appraise funded equipment.

U.S. Charter School Lease

The AvTech Capital team partnered with a U.S. charter school in Ohio to develop a customized leasing transaction to procure student and staff laptops and desktops. The streamlined leasing process enabled sixteen individual schools to upgrade existing technology as well as increase the total number of computers used throughout the school district. 

LED Lighting Upgrade

Some of our leasing transactions have a positive impact on both our clients’ bottom-lines and the environment. AvTech Capital teamed with a retail company to develop a $1.75 million leasing solution used to upgrade the existing lighting in the store to more eco-friendly LED products, significantly reducing overall energy use.

Generator Equipment Lease for California Wildfire Response:

AvTech Capital has also developed a creative leasing solution for an electrical, plumbing, and mechanical company that assists businesses that lose power due to wildfires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. Our financing specialists worked closely with our partner to close on a $1.8 million leasing transaction that helped fund the generators used to provide temporary power to businesses after an unexpected outage. 

Crop Equipment Leasing

Our experienced team of financial advisors worked with an Oklahoma farm to design a customized financing strategy for operational support. By using multiple leasing transactions, which totaled over $1.4 million, the farm was able to procure three pieces of crop-dusting machinery that were utilized to increase access to service areas for crop protection application.

Dairy Farm Leasing

We’re not done with creative equipment leasing in agriculture just yet. The AvTech Capital team has also worked with a dairy farm in the Greater Washington D.C. region to create a $3 million leasing transaction. The lease was used to fund both roofing and production upgrades throughout the farm. 

Cancer Treatment Center Financing

AvTech Capital recently announced a partnership with a cancer treatment center to create a $2.5 million leasing transaction. Our leasing professionals designed a financing solution that offered equipment funding in seven new treatment facilities in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Illinois, and New Jersey. 

Want to hear more about our creative equipment leasing solutions? Contact AvTech Capital today to schedule a consultation with one of our onsite financing professionals. 

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