$64,000 in IT Equipment Financed

Commercial Equipment Lease:

Announcing the closing of an equipment finance deal with a company that manufactures automotive products. The company mainly services original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket retailers. Some of the company’s offerings include windshield wiper blades, gas spring assemblies, and fuel pumps. Through AvTech’s flexible equipment financing options, the company will be able to acquire IT equipment for employees to use day-to-day.

AvTech Capital’s financing model allows the businesses we work with to find solutions for their individual needs and budgets. Get in touch today to speak with the industry’s top equipment financing professionals.

Capital Equipment Financing Experts

AvTech Capital’s team of financial experts work vigorously through all of our equipment financing transactions, tailoring every one to each client’s unique and particular needs. As a result, our customers are able to operate their businesses with optimal operating capital while also providing them with top of the line equipment and software. Talk to any of our financial experts today and start optimizing your business.

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Manufacturing Supplier Receives a New Spark Machine

With the help of an equipment lease, this global repair and manufacturing supplier in Alaska is able to improve their metal fabrication processes with a new EDM machine.

Nonprofit in Wisconsin Converts an Old Factory to a Warehouse 

With the help of an equipment lease, a nonprofit organization will renovate and repurpose an old factory in Wisconsin to use as a warehouse for their projects.

Texas Grocery Store Saves on Energy Costs

With the help of an equipment lease, a Texas grocery store will replace outdated equipment and, as a result, save on energy costs.

Company Launches Electric Scooter Service

By leasing scooters, this transportation company will be able to offer a cleaner, more affordable form of transport to citizens in Washington, D.C.

Iron & Steel Company Expands Services

In order to fulfill a contract, an iron and steel company is leasing briquetting equipment to use on its premises.

Georgia Nonprofit Furnishes New Auditorium

Through AvTech Capital’s equipment financing, a nonprofit will be able to fill a new auditorium with seating.

Aerospace Company Acquires New Machinery

An aerospace company will use the funds from an equipment lease to acquire a vertical machining center. 

Fitness Company Furnishes 3 New Gyms

A fitness company needed to update and furnish three new gyms, and turned to AvTech Capital for help.

Grocery Store Outfits New Warehouses

Through AvTech's equipment finance expertise, this food retailer acquired labor and supplies needed for its new office and warehouse complex.

Paper Manufacturer Updates Fire Safety System

Through an equipment lease with AvTech Capital, a paper manufacturer in Europe was able to update its fire safety system.