AvTech’s Creatively Financed $562K Software Lease

AvTech Capital worked tirelessly through this software lease, totaling $562K, for a company that provides a comprehensive web-based solution for small to medium sized businesses that integrates accounting/ERP,Ecommerce, CRM, and partner collaboration capabilities. AvTech Capital separates itself from other finance companies by providing creative financing for software, leaning on our many years of experience in creative, tailored financing, working around the obstacles of financing software for any industry.

The AvTech Capital software lease was for a business based out of Georgia and was used for purchasing software licenses, upgrading the existing software, and creating new functionality in the CRM. The company is now able to expand their capabilities and has increased the value of their software making it one of the top web-based solution softwares in the country. AvTech and this business worked closely to get the software lease financed quickly and effectively allowing the business to continue their work without pause.


Your Software Lease Financing Experts

AvTech Capital’s team of financial experts work vigorously through all of our software lease transactions, tailoring every one to each client’s unique and particular needs. As a result, our customers are able to operate their businesses with optimal operating capital while also providing them with top of the line equipment and software. Talk to any of our financial experts today and start optimizing your business.

AvTech Capital is a proud member of AvTech Financial Group, an association of companies that provides a range of financing and servicing solutions to clients throughout the United States. With AvTech Capital, your projects will be managed by a team of highly skilled professionals with a dedication to your success and a partnership you can trust. If you would like to learn more about any of our technology and software lease transactions, click here. Stay up to date with AvTech Capital financial news and subscribe today.

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