Timely Equipment Financing from a Trusted Partner

AvTech Capital is pleased to announce a $1.2 Million financing transaction for a commercial ground services business. This business needed timely equipment financing to fund a reimbursement for invoices that the company had paid and to pay the vendor directly on invoices that were due. AvTech was able to process the approval, documentation, inspections, and titling paperwork in under 7 business days from the time that the proposal was signed.

AvTech Capital’s team of financial experts were able to process this unique transaction because of the experience in handling hundreds of transactions like this.

Whether your company needs timely equipment financing quickly or not, AvTech Capital’s prowess is in providing effective commercial equipment financing for many different businesses through a variety of circumstances. Get in touch today to start with your effective, creative, and timely equipment financing solutions that only AvTech Capital can provide.

Your Timely Equipment Financing Experts

AvTech Capital’s team of financial experts work vigorously through all of our timely equipment financing transactions, tailoring every one to each client’s unique and particular needs. As a result, our customers are able to operate their businesses with optimal operating capital while also providing them with top of the line equipment and software. Talk to any of our financial experts today and start optimizing your business.

AvTech Capital is a proud member of AvTech Financial Group, an association of companies that provides a range of financing and servicing solutions to clients throughout the United States. With AvTech Capital, your projects will be managed by a team of highly skilled professionals with a dedication to your success and a partnership you can trust. If you would like to learn more about any of our technology and machinery lease transactions, click here. Stay up to date with AvTech Capital financial news and subscribe today.