Cessna Leaseback by AvTech Capital

AvTech Capital is pleased to announce a $495,000 Cessna leaseback for the procurement of a Cessna Model 550 airplane used by the company as a corporate aircraft. This plane will allow the company to effectively oversee and manage their operations on a larger scale. The Cessna leaseback was the necessary transaction for this business to continue their successful business expansion efforts and choosing AvTech Capital as their financial partners to oversee and complete the deal with timely and thorough detail was their best decision. AvTech Capital is equipped with the right tools to help this transaction move along effortlessly.

Your Cessna Leaseback Experts

AvTech Capital’s team of financial experts work vigorously through all of our Cessna leaseback transactions, tailoring every one to each client’s unique and particular needs. As a result, our customers are able to operate their businesses with optimal operating capital while also providing them with top of the line equipment and software. Talk to any of our financial experts today and start optimizing your business and talk about your Cessna leaseback opportunities. Our team is equipped with the creative financing skills to oversee any transaction with the necessary attention to detail that your business will need to create the best capitalization opportunities moving forward. Leasing is the best option to protect your business from technological obsolescence and AvTech Capital will oversee your leasing transaction with a professionalism unparalleled in the industry.

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